Does anyone know what the insulation value is for the roof, walls and flook of these trailers?

I also read that the underside of the floor is sikply a black plastic vapor barrier. Is that really the case. Seems a very "bound to fail" system if true.
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The underside is covered with "Darco," which is common for RVs. There's fiberglass in the walls, but they're only maybe 1 1/4" thick, so maybe R5? A radiant barrier (basically aluminized mylar) is part of the "SE" package for the 177, I assume it's an option on other models. Radiant barriers roughly add 50% to the R value, so maybe R8 with it.

I doubt the roof is different than the sides, and the floor is just 5/8 OSB (?) and the Darco, I think - so not much.

They're not made to be all season campers, even without water.

I'm in the middle of putting Coroplast  underneath behind the wheels, to provide a bit more protection from water and stuff the tires kick up.

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