I've been looking for options to add crossbars to my 509 Retro and came across this video on YouTube. It's for a different brand of trailer, but I think this could be adapted for pretty much any trailer.

He modifies the square bolts for Yakima Skyline Towers designed for a flat roof and inserts them into the trim pieces. The towers are rated for 220 lbs and I like the idea of not drilling additional holes.

Landing Pads: #8000221
Skyline Towers: #8000148
Roundbar SL Adapters: #8003536
66" Roundbars: #8000410 (Note: Depending on width of trailer you may need a different length bar)

Here's the video (skip parts info section and go to about 2:58 in the timeline to see modifications and install)

I'd love to hear what others think about this setup.
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