We found two things from our last IKEA run that work well in our 190BH.

Their shoe racks ($4.99 ea.) work perfect for shelves in the cabinet above our dinette (first photo).  I'm happy I don't have to build the shelves now.

Their shoe tray ($3.99) fits perfectly in the space to the right of the door, in front of the queen bed (second photo).

Happy, safe travels everyone.

IMG_6281.jpg  IMG_6280.jpg
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We went to IKEA in Emeryville yesterday for adhesive hooks, shelves etc for our new 179SE. This was on the recommendation of several Escape owners. Low & Behold IKEA discontinued all such stuff. My wife did find a 6 shelf handing container that fits perfectly in the cupboard, bedside. No pics now, cooking! 
Man do I have a hard time navigating IKEA, I mean 2 floors that lead you in circles. I was so frustrated al  I wanted to do, after an hour, was get out a there!
I guess I am too old for IKEA!!!!


Please buy " Made In USA " if possible!
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IKEA has some very nice spice racks which I put and my trailer, although it’s not a Retro. You can buy them at Amazon here https://smile.amazon.com/Ikea-400-701-85-Bekvam-Spice-Birch/dp/B00PNKZ0DO/ref=sr_1_3?crid=27R8YV6FPLYGI&keywords=spice+rack+ikea&qid=1560873086&s=gateway&sprefix=spice+rack+ikea%2Caps%2C160&sr=8-3, but they are much less expensive if you buy them directly from IKEA,. They are a nice width and work very well.
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