How in the world do I get it to come out without breaking something.  I want to move it further to the wall so I can read in bed with the light behind me instead of in my eyes.

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Hi Jefferson,
I sure agree, those lights are terrible for reading.  And if one person wants to read, the other is bathed in bright light.
This topic came up last year, and someone posted how they were able to open them up and unfasten them.  You might try "search".

TravelerGirl and I like rreading, so I added two LED lamps with flexible cables.  They plug into a USB port, so I added a USB jack attached to the little wood rail on each side.  The tricky thing was adding a 12 vdc outlet to the right side of the bed, the 177SE does not come with 12 vdc on the right side.  I had to tap into the 12 vdc to the radio to add the socket.  If you always have 115 vac power, you could just plug a USB charger into the 115 outlet.  I got the USB extension cables for $1 at the dollar store, but they are kinda flimsy, a heavier duty extension would be better.

Here's two photos.  They work well, and there are lots of LED lamps to choose from.

ReadingLights_1.jpg  ReadingLights_2.jpg 
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TravelerGuy, nice work. I agree with the light issues, especially for the bed partner who does not read.
Please buy Made in USA
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They're a little tricky. They twist off, but if you squeeze to hard you put pressure on the mount and it won’t turn. So light pressure and twist.
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