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Anyone have trouble with screws backing out? I have several in my 20018 Retro 265 that keep coming out either partially or falling right out! Interior and exterior! When I find them, I grab my drill and screw then right back in, sometimes dribbling some blue locktite in there for good measure. After some more driving I find them halfway out again. Any tips on how to keep my screws from coming loose? 

Also, anyone find a good alternative to that awful ineffective wood colored tape they use on the wood walls on the interior? That’s coming apart too! 

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Same issues here. As far as the screws only solution is not to move the trailer!!!!
The tape on mine is beginning to "bubble" no water damage just the appearance. I too want to replace but with what?
Please buy Made in USA
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I was at Lowe's this weekend and saw iron on seem tape for paneling. Available in different shades. I think it's probably the same stuff that's already on our walls.
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I had several screws that kept backing out as well. I pushed a wooden toothpick into each screw hole with a dab of Elmer’s wood glue and then replaced the screws. Seems to be working so far.....
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Locktite only works for machine screws (ones with nuts). A dab of caulk does help hold them in place. I use Lexcel for that - it's clear, sticks to just about anything, and isn't silicone.
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So, I have a 2019 189R.  My tape was bubbling up while Still under warranty.  My dealer (who is great). Contacted Riverside and they furnished matching firing (sp?) at no charge.  The 2020 models now use those strips Not tape. Huge difference and took dealer about an hour to cut to fit and install.  You might can call dealer or riverside and order 
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