Not what I envisioned for the "maiden voyage" but...

Pulling out 

Shelter from the Storm 

All done.  Minimal damage at our place.  Hope everyone else is safe too.

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V & T
We got lucky from the storm. We keep our 177SE in covered storage at Ormond Beach, FL. I chocked it really good and put down all 4 stabilizers and it didn't move an inch. Unfortunately our home didn't do so good at Flagler Beach.
Van & Terri
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Glad for your Retro but sorry about the house.  
We met a couple from Flagler while hanging with the refugees at the campground.
They were in touch with somebody who stayed and it seems like you got it worse than us this time.

Hoping your insurance claims and repairs go quick and smooth.


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Oh my gosh...bless your heart. Love your kitty. We were at Hunting Island the week before Matthew and so glad we went. It is close until after the first of the year. Prayers for everyone affected.
Greg & Lynne Lee
Little Red Retro
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Because the interweb is the designated repository
of all cat pictures from here to eternity,
(and you liked the first one) 
I'll put up another.
These two are mortal enemies in real life,
but the terror of a 6hr ride and then getting stuffed into a camper
can make allies of anyone apparently.


We evacuated with two cats and a bird.
A couple we met had 2 dogs and 5 birds stuffed into their small SUV.
The birds were all large parrots that talked and laughed;
so, every time one of the couple would laugh,
the birds would all laugh, and that would make us laugh,
then the birds would laugh...
Think TV laugh track out of control. You get the idea.  
It was strange, surreal and wonderful all at the same time.
Hope you guys are OK.  

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Alabama Jim
Praise the Lord you are well. 
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