Ralph L Staub
I’ve been at a loss for storing my hitch when not in use. Its greasy, heavy, and makes big dents in stuff when not secured. Found this bolt on hitch receiver for under $20, bolted it to the A-frame, and Viola! A place to store and even lock up my hitch! 9FBBDBAE-386F-4193-8B09-4E065B611577.jpeg 
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That's handy... Mine just stays on my Suburban, as it's only job is to tow the Retro. My issue is I need a bigger driveway! Suburban, Retro, Ford Ranger, Prius, 72 VW Convertible, 74 VW Baja Bug, and a motorcycle. Plus 2 cars that don't belong to me! Maybe if I got rid of the lawn and paved it!! 
2015 177 SE
1990 Chevy Suburban 5.7L
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Ralph L Staub
Roccosamore wrote:
That's handy... Mine just stays on my Suburban...

Unfortunately, my shins and my CRS combine to negate such a simple solution. ðŸ˜– Plus, that extra 18” is a big help when squeezing my big truck into today’s “Smart Car” sized parking lots.
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My hitch also ways north of forty pounds and sticks out the back, so I don't like to leave it on the car.
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For these reasons I switched to the Andersen WDH. Light weight, strong with built in anti sway. It lives on a shelf in my garage when not in towing mode.
Please buy Made in USA
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