Greetings all!  I'm from west Michigan, like my wife, TravelerGirl.  We have a 2018 177SE we bought last fall.  It is sitting next to our garage, and we have only camped in it maybe 5-6 nites.  I understand people actually tow these things to other places, so we want to do that when and if winter ends 😁.  We'll be going to Frankenmuth, MI, and Oshkosh WI (Airventure), for sure.

I spent 24 years in the avionics field, so I'm looking forward to wiring new things into our 177SE, like solar panels, wi-fi extender, reading lights, and a lot of 12 v. outlets.  Possibly I'll add a 1000 watt power inverter, but I don't know if we'll have enough battery/solar capacity. 

Woodworking is a hobby, so I plan on adding some storage drawers , shelves, and a curtain.  Since the temperature skyrocketed up to 17 deg. F. yesterday, I went out and made a lot of measurements I'll be posting later.

I've learned a LOT from reading all the posts here, thank you all for sharing your knowledge and experiences.  It will be fun to contribute to this forum!
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Welcome. Looking forward to seeing you modifications and improvements.
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Welcome! Be sure to post pictures of any mods, especially electrical ones! Airventure pics would be cool too..... seems like a Retro would be the perfect way to visit Oshkosh.  
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Welcome, we have a 195 that we named Lucille, we absolutely love her.  We just came off a 3 month, 10 state road trip.
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Hey there RebelRays! It was sure great meeting you in Quartzsite. Hope to meet up again. Gene just came out from Yuma the other day. Looks like we are heading to Gila Bend then maybe Ajo seeking warmer weather. LOL. Who knew Arizona was this cold for so long in the winter. 
Went to the rodeo again yesterday. We were watching the steer roping competition. 
Still having fun on the adventure.
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