Found this group while searching for photo of 155XL frame.  My Retro does not have an awning, and no room above the door for a standard awing.  I could have put up a bag awing...but I really don't like poles and guy wires...always trip over them.  Found a 'visor' for R-pd trailers, and found bendable awning rail to carry it..so wanted to check aluminum frame to hold it in place. Anyway, nice that I fond you.  Will post pics once the mod is completed.  Also found out about the lift kit...and am anxious to follow up and do that.

P.S.  I live outside of Portland, OR.  We camp occasionally in our 155XL...and I take my youngest grandson (9 this year) Grammy Camping annually.  I love the 155XL as I can tow it with my Subaru Outback. 
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Alabama Jim
Welcome Jackie, we are always excited to have another Retro owner.  I pray God grants you many fun and safe trips.  We all will be looking for the pictures.  Pictures are always fun and appreciated.
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Hi neighbor! Welcome to the forum. We live down South in Rogue River. Lots of info here and many knowledgeable folks to help solve issues. Travel safe!!
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