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Hi folks,
My first look at a retro was at the Hershey RV show in 2014. It was a 155XL and I was immediately interested. I ended up getting a late 2015 166, which has been our home away from home for over 4 years.
Anyway, I went to the Hershey RV show yesterday, and went through the new Retro models. The 511 is the brand new replacement for the 509. Boxy shape, but roomier and better kitchen set-up than the semi-teardrop 509. You can see the other new models on the RiversideRVs website, but the big surprise when I looked last week, was the new line- INTREPID, which has replaced the Mt. McKinley line. They had the entire line-up of the INTREPIDs at the Hershey show, and, as much as I love my Retro, the new line is a solid contender in today's market, with some new materials, interiors and some very interesting floorplan innovations. Check them out. I also like the newer 193 as well as my 166 and the 195 which are still being produced. The classic 150, 155 and 155XL are gone but there are new small models that may fit the needs of current and future campers.
One more note. No matter what brand you may be looking for in the future, you would be wise to go to the Hershey, Pennsylvania RV show when you are ready to buy. The show prices are a real deal.
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we have Yuma out west. Suppose to be biggest RV dealer ships in country. I think it is due to Yuma being snowbird haven for winter. Yes we know of Florida but very long drive from the west.We are happy with the 150 gives us more selections in Forest Service camp grounds due to short length. We camped 50 ft from a big creek loaded with trout. All the big 5th wheelers and motorhomes had to park on other side of campground at least 1/8 mile from water. And when your in mid 70,s and over 7500 ft elevation all helps. I saw the 511 on this site and a little to small for us with 80 lb Lab service dog. Have a good time while summer is still in the air.GBA!!SVJ
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I'm glad they haven't changed the 195.  I'm hoping to buy a new one next year.  I need to see when they have this RV show in Hershey.
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