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Hmmmm.... I have been looking for a lite trailer to pull with my highlander (5000/500) rating and thought I finally found it in the 177SE.... and now to discover the real tongue weight... disappointment.  Airstream just too pricey... for now I think it will be an Escape - Canadian company - fiberglass 17' trailer... BUT I will travel up to the factory first....!  This is quite an adventure finding just the right trailer.
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The empty tongue weight is deliberately high, because most of the cargo loading occurs behind the axle (rear cabinets, under the bed). The fresh water tank is mostly behind the axle, too. So, when you load that weight, it takes weight off the tongue.

I've got a Nissan Xterra, which is rated 500/5000. Tows the 177SE just fine with a Fastway E2 600 lb WD hitch. I haven't measured the actual tongue weight, but with the WD hitch, only about 300 lbs is added to the rear axle with a normal (for me) load. A WD hitch distributes some of the tongue weight onto the front wheels and the trailer axle.
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Hello, Parfsten. I had questions about the true weight of my 177SE, so i took it to a certified scale while fully loaded, including full fresh water tank and all our stuff. (see "True Weight of 177SE" topic in this section for the story).

Relevant excerpt:

So-- I took the entire outfit-- truck, usual camping payload, 177SE with full fresh water tank, clothes, food, wine, beer, gin, vodka, vermouth, olives, tonic water, seltzer, ice cubes, tools, dishes, camp chairs-- everything--- to a state certified scale yesterday and paid $15.00 to determine the true weight.

Fully loaded, the 177SE (full freshwater tank, full propane tanks, all our stuff, tires properly inflated) was 3630 pounds.

Empty, (no water and all our stuff sitting on the side), the trailer weighed 3336 pounds.

Fully loaded: Tongue weight was 420.

Hope that helps- we travel rather heavy on food, water, and stuff, compared to some other campers we know.
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