I am installing a new Battle Born battery under the bed (to prevent theft) and need to use new battery cables. The small box attached to the front of the trailer frame is badly rusted and needs to be replaced. Does anyone know what that box is called? I have attached a photo from a previous posting by MKEVENSON, not my photo. I need to order a new one and don't know what to search for. Thanks.

electrical box.jpg 

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DJensen, the box on the left is a battery cut off switch. Not a Retro part, purchased at a car parts shop. The thing on the right is a connector, If you take the red cap off you will see 2 posts. On mine all 3 wires go to another box on the frame.
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There are reasons Batts are stored outside. Consider a locking box?
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the one on the right is a Overload protection usually 35 or 40 amps.Basically a thermal over load switch. I carry a spare lost one years ago and had to by pass it.Was about $10 or $12 got water in it and was corroded .GBA!!@SVJ
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I think the "Battle Borne" battery is lithium-iron.  Pretty sure it's ok for install in non-ventilated spaces, but should verify that with the manufacturer.  Just be sure to mount the overload device at the battery, and you may be able to route the original heavy cables from the load center directly to the new battery location.  Then you will need to install new cables to the breakaway brake controller (black rectangular box on the tongue).  Those two wires can be a bit smaller gauge than the main cables to the load center.  If it were me, I'd put a big placard at the batttery saying "THIS LOCATION UNSAFE FOR LEAD-ACID BATTERIES".
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I don't know about Litihum-ion. I do know we recently switched over from a wet-cell battery to AGM. Some folks say they "don't need venting". Other say to vent same as wet cell: must be outside, or with dedicated exterior vent and a fan. Truth lies in between. AGMs do require venting - but whereas a traditional flooded wet cell vents gas as a normal part of charging process, an AGM only vents in certain cases, such as overcharging. And expels less gas. So while they can be in a passive venting situation, they certainly do require air circulation. Spent some time conversing with tech staff at the mfr. to get a clear recommendation straight from an authoritative  source. I think you're 100% on the right track talking with Battle Borne directly to verify the straight scoop. Please do share what they say, be very interested.
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Possible Master Cut-Off switch:
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  I presume that you are asking about the device on the right with the red cap.  That is a circuit breaker, probably 40 ampere rated.  It provides overload protection and it located close to the battery in case a short circuit occurs between the battery and the fuse panel inside.
  The BattleBorn battery uses Lithium Iron technology, it does not need ventilation since it does not vent anything. It is far safer than the other Lithium technologies and can safely be located inside.  If you relocate it, be sure to place a circuit breaker close by and also to maintain power to the breakaway brake control box.
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