image.jpg  First post, although I've been researching all the wonderful information on this forum for several months. We just took delivery of a new 181b and we are excited to learn the systems and get on the road! Our dealer was Travelcamp in Jacksonville, FL and they made the purchase experience a pleasure (except the part where I had to give a bunch of cash!). After reading so many on-line horror stories about RV dealers, it was nice to be treated with honesty and respect.

Thanks again to everyone that has contributed to this forum. You helped make our decision to buy a Retro an easy one!
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Welcome to the forum. Have fun and get out as often as possible!
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Alabama Jim
Welcome Fireblot.  It is great to see another beautiful Retro in a happy home.  May God grant you many fun and safe trips.
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Sharp looking unit - hope you have many wonderful trips!
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