Lisa Foster Moss
After a couple of months lurking in the wings, I'm popping in to say "Hi" and to express how thankful I am for everyone and their questions. My husband and I are newbies to RV ownership, but I used to camp with the family as a child. Man, have things come a long way - or I just didn't appreciate how much work my dad had to do just to get set up (I imagine it's the later[smile]).
Anyway, we are heading out in a couple of weeks for our close-to-home-shakedown-trip and are both excited and nervous! This week's panic is brought to you by "Torquing Worries and Potential Baby Moon Loss". We'll get through it...
This is Gidget in the mean time. We've tried to make it our own with all the access junk we had lying around in the house. 
Gidget.jpg  stencil screen door.jpg  kitchen 1.jpg  booth.jpg  bathroom 1.jpg  bedroom 2.jpg  key.jpg 
We'll be checking in again soon. 
Don & Lisa Moss
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Alabama Jim
Welcome to the forum.  Your TT is beautiful.  Remember we like pictures and thank you for sharing.  Share photos from your trips:  mountains, steams, oceans, forests, animals etc.  We all like to live the experiences of those on the road.  That holds us over until our next trip.  May God grant you many fun and safe trips.  By the way, we did lose a baby moon and did a lot of research on line.  I could not tell what we should buy.  I call he Riverside factory and a nice lady could not tell me where they ordered their moons, but she sent me one.  I do know you have to measure across the back (I think ours is 9 inch) and you have to know if the moons needed have three or four notches (That is slots to go over the three or four humps on the hub), ours was three.  Best wishes always.
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