I know I keep hearing people say just empty grey water at night.  Everyone does it and so forth. My wife and I love our 189R but camp in some very pristine areas, trout streams and national forests.  Has anyone purchased a portable tank that works?  The reviews on camping world on their products are pretty negative.
thanks in advance 
Bill and Trish
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This brings up a good point. In Calif NF campgrond you cannot let gray water out in campsites(close to water or not). But the tent capmers dump their gray water in the brushes or sagebrush. So being the 150 has no gray water tank we catch it in a 5 gal can and dump it in the fire pit which they say is ok. Same thing with tent campers taking a shower with their solar heated water. We use bio d soap and keep it to a min. So really no answer btw we also have many pristine campsites in the Sierra Nevada Mountains but you must be at least 100 from a creek or river. GBA!!SVJ
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