Hello from Georgia. We were recently camping and saw a Riverside RV 177 model and liked the layout much better than our Shasta. So I joined your forum and am reading through the many posts to see what positives and negatives owners have with the Whitewater model 177. I am finding mostly positive comments, which is great. We have owned our Shasta for about 1.5 years and bought it new. It has many design flaws and generally has poor quality construction; will never buy another RV made by Forrest River Company. The major design flaw is that the air conditioner is a small window unit that is mounted on the side of the trailer, on the floor, and in a storage cabinet. It was place there to retain the retro look but it is undersized for the trailer and not located in a place to adequately cool the inside of the trailer. Our trailer has been in the shop 5 times to date to have warranty recalls taken care of and is currently there with a laundry list of issue that arose on our recent 5-week trip to California and back. They included heat and refrigerator not working, water leaking into the trailer when driving it in rain, faulty carbon monoxide/propane monitor, black and gray  water tank sensors not working, and water leading on the counters from the sink faucet.  

We plan to sell our Shasta as soon as all issues are resolved and look forward to purchasing a Riverside RV 177.
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Nathan N Jen Cooper
We sold our shasta reissue right after the axle recall.
Our 177se has been a dream.
Issues we've had so far with ours..
Smoke detector that went off every time heater kicked on. Took the battery out and when we put the battery back in it short circuited. Dealer warranty replaced it for me.
Heater quit after the first night. I found a reset button behind the vent and its worked ever since.
Thermostat is inaccurate always read 10* hotter than actual temp. Makes programming heater difficult. Just a weird quirk that I'll eventually figure out.

Other than that its been an awesome trailer.
This is the first trailer we've owned that didn't have poor tasting water from the tap. We haven't flushed the tanks either.

We are missing the remote to the fantastic fan, which has been a pia to get. That might be a dealer issue though.

As for the ac our 2016 is on the wall, but its not hidden in a cabinet. And worked really well, but we don't live in a high humidity climate.
Look into the 2017 for a roof mounted option.

If you belong to the shasta wing club on facebook you will see someone posted about the new 180R retro that is freaking cool.. wish we had waited for it.

Best of luck on the sale of the shasta.. we lost our shorts on our sale..
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V & T
Our fantastic fan remote was missing too when we took delivery of our 177SE. The dealer ordered a new one and we had it in 10 days.
Van & Terri
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Ours did not come with a fan remote either. Maybe they are not including them. Ours came with remote for radio etc.
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V & T
We didn't get the radio, much less a remote for it. lol
Van & Terri
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