Looking for a generator for my new 177se, I found after much research, the Predator 3500 > sold @ Harbor Freight -and currently on sale = $689 offers the best price and low db's = to Honda @ 1/3 the price of Honda.  This 3500 will run everything you have on a small RV with a single A/C unit.
hopes this info helps
mark & deb
mark & deb > Charleston, SC > 177se
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Brandon Sailor
Just another option. We use the Westinghouse I gen 2500 for our 181b. Got it from Home Depot for $550. Good little generator.

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timetravel wrote:
the Predator 3500 > sold @ Harbor Freight -and currently on sale = $689 offers the best price and low db's = to Honda 
They'd like you to believe that, but it's not true.

The Predator 3500 is 57 db @ 25% load and 23 feet away (it's in the manual). Honda EU3000is is 49 db at 25% load, 58 db at full rated load (from Honda's website).

An 8 dB difference is a lot, perceived as almost twice as loud. The character of the sound also matters, and although I haven't heard them side-by-side, I'd be willing to bet the HF sound is more annoying.
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Predators are junk. Helped a family trying to get their batteries charged. They had same generator out of box gfi kept tripping without any thing plugged in. Tried to fix by connecting a ground wire no luck. I let them use my Yamaha to get going. I have had Generac and Hondas before good gens but pricy. I got the Yamaha at Costco and love it.I have used it at home during power outages and below freezing temp starts and runs great.Honda is rated the best but have had quite a few factory recalls lately.GBA!!SVJ ps Yamaha started on 3 rd pull with cold temp and being at 5000ft plus elevation.
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Generators from Harbor Freight or Northern Tools are cheap for a reason.  They are loud, service life is short and the quality of electrical wave is low.  Even if the generator has a Honda engine, it is not a Honda engineered unit.  #1 it is loud. #2 Labeled output is optimistic at best.  #3 It is not a pure sine wave power.  Yes, that matters.  Trash power has a direct effect on how long your equipment lasts.  Honda, Yamaha and Onan make quality products.  There are probably more, those are the ones I am familiar with.
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well put . All sine waves are not the same. I worked on big motors and control circuits for industrial use for over 40 years. It is amazing what  a o cope can show about power quality. The Generac 2000 is also a good inverter unit priced at about $850 . The one bad thing is panel is  digital and way over kill. But very quite for 2000watts.GBA!!SVJ
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