I am on the road and don't have access to my general trailer warranty and specific air conditioner warranty for my 2016 Retro 2016 177SE. It is a Frigidaire FFRA0811R1 and went out on our last vacation. It turns on with the fan functioning, but it does not cool the air. 

I called our local Riverside RV dealer was told that the air conditioner is not warrentied by Frigidaire because it installed in a trailer and therefore not warrentied at all. Does anyone know this to be true? 

If that is the case, I can buy one online for $130. It seems as though it could hardly be repaired for that price. Does anyone have any thoughts on one that may be a better replacement. The wall unit worked fine for us, even on a 104 degree day in Moab, Utah. Any assistance would be much appreciated. 


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The warranty is in the manual:
Your appliance is covered by a limited two-year warranty and a limited 3-5 year warranty on the sealed system (the compressor,
condenser, evaporator and tubing).

The first 2 years, labor is covered (but not the labor to remove and replace the unit). It doesn't cover "appliances not
in ordinary household use," but it's debatable whether that excludes RV use. If you're still in the camper's 1 year warranty, Riverside should cover it if Frigidaire won't.

If I were in your position, and could find a new one for $130, I'd simply replace it myself. That way there wouldn't be a hole in the wall while waiting for the unit to get fixed. It's not too bad, if you're handy. You have to remove the outside grill, the inside trim, and cut through some silicone which glues it in place (there might have been a couple of screws, too).

Then, maybe try getting the old one fixed under warranty and keep it as a spare.
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^Yes. Here are some pics of what's inside a 155.  
And if you're interested, you can make a few improvements while you're in there.
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Sue Sue
That's the joy of wall vs. roof mount....
If a roof AC fails.... big money.
Wall mount.... whip it out, and throw in a cheap one from Walmart or Home depot!!  [smile]
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The best replacement price I could find was $199 on Amazon or Home Depot.

I ended up contacting the dealer where I purchased my 177SE in Phenix City, AL. They called Riverside and Riverside offered to fix it if I drive to LaGrange, IN with the trailer, about 312 miles RT. They could not guarantee that it would be fixed in a day.

Everything is working out fine. I called the local Frigidaire service center. They will fix the unit under warranty if I remove it and bring it in. That sure beats the possibility of two round trips to LaGrange, IN. 

Thanks to all for the input!
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