I thought our refrigerator was closed properly on one outing but found it open when we stopped and much of our food on the floor.  We have a 2015 155XL.  I have since been able to figure out that the catch just doesn't appear to be to strong and easily releases.  It was my fault though that it opened.  Has anyone else come up with a better solution or different latch?

Thank you,
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Clyde Ramstead
I believe we, with our 150, have the same refrigerator as you, but haven't had the door open unexpectedly. We will watch it a little closer, for sure. I feel another 'mod' coming on...just kidding...for now anyway!

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I haven't had a problem with mine. But that is not a good thing to happen. I think an extra precaution is the solve. perhaps a hook or screw in the wall on the side and use a bungee cord to keep it closed might be a good thing!
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