Is anyone else sick of searching blindly for the Fresh Water Drain on the 177SE. It's practically hidden behind the tire.
After laying in the mud, fumbling under our camper for the drain, I decided to make a change.
I took a visit to our local hardware store and picked up a couple lengths of threaded PVC pipe, an elbow and a valve.
I used a couple Gear Ties to secure it.
No more dirty knees!!
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Great must have a newer model. The drain on my 2015 177se is exactly where your extension drain is. Go figure, they have to make things more complicated! Good fix though.
2015 177 SE
1990 Chevy Suburban 5.7L
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Nice.  I have a 2016 177SE and I have the same problem you did.  Another project[smile]
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The fresh water drain on our 189R was stuck between and behind the door side tandem tires. Great way to get dirty. I added an extension, but to do it properly, I had to but a PEX tool. Not too bad, about $22 on Amazon (they went up right after I got mine). I fashioned a bracket out of some aluminum scraps I had.  Altough it never gets that cold where we travel, I plan to put pipe wrap around the poly tubing to give it a little more protection from road stuff.

drain 2c side.jpg 
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