It's been almost a month since our purchase, but we finally got the 509 out of our backyard. My parents have a place on a nearby lake and we loaded up and did a shakedown run. New items for our trip included a Camp Chef double burner stove, an Alpicool C20 12v fridge/freezer, and the teardrop. We used the Honda generator to run 110v and keep battery charged and just hauled water in when needed. We had a great time and learned some things about our setup that we'll adjust.  Photo Jun 06, 4 31 12 PM.jpg  Photo Jun 05, 11 50 33 PM.jpg 
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Very nice, looks great congrates 
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Very cool, looks like a great spot to camp.
~ Linda & Bill
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I'm so jealous right now!  Can't wait to get out to camp too.  Up here in Canada we just got the news today that parks will open up in a few days.
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