Ralph L Staub
Just ordered my 199fks Saturday. Riverside agreed to "Retro"fit (sorry, I had to use that one) a twin bed option from one of the smaller Retros into my queen bed space. Very kind of them, and at no charge! Thank you Retro!

Really looking forward to taking delivery. We did most of the bells and whistles, adding electric tongue jack, jack stablizers, twin batts, a slider awning and more. Did everything but the Jensen AV system. I'm an AV Geek and have my own ideas there... ;-)

Hope to have it in the driveway by late jan. or early feb. YAY!
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Alabama Jim
Congratulations Ralph.   You have every right to be excited.  I pray God grants you many safe and fun trips.
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Congrats! We love our 199! We've gone out at least once a month so far. It's so great!
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