Bonnie J
     I am new to this forum and can't find my way around very well, so forgive me if this question has been answered. 
Has anyone visited the factory, and if so, how was it arranged? 

I would like to visit the factory and get an idea of how the trailers are put together and what's under that pretty skin. The website has a "contact us" feature, which I've used twice, no response.

wanna be FKS 19.9 owner.
Bonnie Jacobs
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Alabama Jim
Ask your local dealer to get you the name of the district Riverside Representative.  He may be able to get you a visit.  They try to limit the number of tours since it does take up the time of the production supervisor and they fear someone getting injured. 
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Pat Bremer
I took a tour last August before our Retro Jr hit the line. Mine was on a Friday afternoon, and production for the week was already completed, so everyone was gone. I'd call up there and ask for Bob Taulbee, the sales manager. He walked me around and I got to see production in all stages. 
Pat B.
2017 Retro Jr
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