I purchased the EasyCare roadside assistance from the dealer (I know now that was probably a mistake) through 2023! The reviews are pretty bad on this company. Has anyone used them and been satisfied with their service? My Good Sams just expired and I'm worried that the EasyCare is not a good option for me. I travel alone and need to know I can depend on a service if needed. Beach House Babe...
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I am going with Good Sams when my expires. I got talked into Route 66 and the one time we needed them they left use stranded. $1800 down the drain. Good Luck  GBA!!SVJ
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I got the extended warranty. Haven't used it yet and hope I never have too. 
I have a Good Sam membership but not sure if it includes roadside or if that's an option. I guess I should check it out. 
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