hi folks, I'm brand new to camping and just bought a slightly used retro 155 and used it for the first time last week. I'd appreciate some advice on what to do about water pooling up in the sink and draining very slowly. Note there is no grey water tank in the 155 so the outside cap was off and I was draining right there in the grass. Is it safe to use draino? One cup of water takes about 45 seconds to fully drain.

Secondly, I did go to a dump station when we left, then when I got home I put a hose on full flow down the toilet with the outside cap off just to flush extra water through there. Is this adequate? Or do you all pour some bleach down the toilet also? For storage for a few months? Or what else do you all do to prep the black water tank after a trip? Thanks for your time!

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Hi Bert,
You do not need draino for the slow sink.  You need an airgap for the drain.  This we got from Amazon for about 7 dollars (I am trying to remember the precise name of it) that we mounted in the cabinet under the sink.  Next, you need to connect to a gray water tank with no or minimal bend in a short connector.  Because the 155 is really short, search for a low profile gray water tank if you have not already bought one.  To minimize the bend we bought a PVC 90 degree elbow from Home Depot, I think 3/4 inch but will have to check to screw onto the hose connector on the gray water tank.
There is a thing you can buy that connects to the outside of the camper to which a hose connects to flush out the black water tank while you are still at the campground.  Again, I cant remember the name of it (I am at work) but it is a very effective means to wash out the black water tank.  When you get to the campsite, throw a blue packet sewer treatment pack into the toilet.  It will deodorize and help break down solids.  After you empty the black water tank, you insert this hurricane washing device between the camper and the sewer hose.  A garden hose connects to it.  You flush out the blackwater tank until the effluent runs clear (lacks the blue dye).  I store the sewer hose in the bumper of the camper.

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The hurricane flushed tank keeps it in good condition. It's a wand that spins and washes it out. 
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