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fancieladie wrote:
It continues to turn itself off and then immediately back on for a second, then nothing.   Now, it will turn back on the AC unless we shut the system completely off , turn the fan to on and then the ac on.  Plus, the AC system is condensing all around the system and is dripping on the bed.   Yikes!  any others with this problem and know a fix besides getting to the dealer?  Thanks!
Let's be clear on terms. The AC has a fan which normally runs anytime it's on. There's also a compressor which goes on and off with the thermostat. So, when you say it turns itself off, are you talking about everything (it just goes dead), or that the compressor is shutting off then back on?When you say "then nothing," what does that mean? It turns itself back off? It runs but doesn't cool?

ACs have protective circuitry which will shut down the compressor if it struggles too much when starting. Normally, when they cycle, there's a few minutes of off time before the compressor starts up again - that lets the pressure bleed off so the compressor can start. Off then immediately back on is the hardest thing for the compressor to deal with - because the system is already at full pressure which the compressor has to work against.

One simple thing to check - but make sure the camper is NOT plugged into AC power. Take the cover off the power center (the brown thing with the fuses and circuit breakers in it). The brown cover comes off by removing a couple of screws. Take it off and tighten all the screws on the circuit breakers. If the one to the AC is loose it can cause low voltage and the AC will have troubles.
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I've been testing ours before our maiden trip, we have the 189R. No problems, it was 112° inside and cooled it down to 75° in an hour. I had all 4 vents wide open. We're outside Tucson, outdoor temp was about 109°, low humidity. 
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