We have the 176S and are expecting next month.  As I think about travelling with a child I am curious how you put a sheet over the dinette to make it a bed?  What size would this be?  

Thanks for your help!
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My guess would be a flat sheet and some serious tucking!
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Use a light weight sleeping bag and skip the sheets.
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we replaced the cushions with memory foam and use sleeping bags for grand kids . They sleep well original cushions way too hard. GBA!!SVJ twin sheets worked well.
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A standard fitted bottom sheet won't fit, so it's lots of tucking around the edges. You can probably double a queen sheet first, so there's less material to tuck. But put a blanket (or mattress pad) down first, or the sheet directly on vinyl will be uncomfortable.
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+1 on mikes comment! We have a 181b with a big dinette that converts to a big double. We use a flat (non-fitted) matress pad and a queen flat sheet. Properly tucked, it works great!
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3 inches of memory foam, cut to fit, and flat sheets. If you are sewing handy,  you can add elastic corners to the sheets
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