Hello everyone.
I posted about adding some ducting into the 195 under the sink a little while ago, thought I would share my diesel heater install too.
This has got to be the best mod/addition I have done to my trailer yet.
I was spectacle at first, like most are I'm sure. But wow. I am amazed.
This heater is capable of heating my 195 completely on its own. A couple days ago we hit -40C or -40F at night. And not surprisingly, my propane furnace didn't work. So I had to rely on the diesel.
It has a heat setting range of 8 - 35C, set at 25C, my trailer was also at 25C. It kept up all day! At -40!!!
My initial calculations are really close. About 50L a month. So it will cost me half of what propane does a month. This winter the heater will have paid for itself.
Now that we are coming out of the cold snap, my propane works again. So I have it set at 18C in case the diesel heater kicks the bucket. After all, its a cheap Chinese heater ($220 Canadian).

So I decided to install it under my bed. I don't use this space for much, just a vacuum, mop and broom. With the ducting under the bed, that area is heated too now. I put a fresh air intake register on the lower driver side of the bed. Then I have the heat exhaust pointed down the hall. This in combination with my propane ducting and my countertop fan, creates a whirl around my sleeping area, also heating the front of the trailer. My heat zones are near the same now.
I mounted the thermostat/controller beside the cubby by my bed. And I have the remote control by the door. Then I don't have to reach over my bed to change temps if I'm at the front of my trailer.
Its the 5Kw version and I got it off Amazon. 220 shipped. Arrived in a month.
Here are some pictures, I put details with them.
Heater mounted under the bed with 3" ducting.

Close up of the Heater. 4" hole cut under for combustion intake and exhaust.

Intake register and holes I cut for it.

Heated air exhaust vent pointed down hall.

LCD Display/thermostat beside bed.

Custom tank I made for diesel, Its only 4L more than the one that comes with the unit, But that is just a little more time I get before refilling. The pump is mounted next to it.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I try and get on here often to do some reading.
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Nice! Do you need a tank heater to keep the diesel from gelling at those temps?

That's really cold!
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great looking system. The welder of that tank diff. know how to Heli Arch aluminum. Keep up with the post. GBA!!SVJ
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Hey Tom, negative on the tank heater. Our stations switch to a winter rated fuel. It gets slightly thicker, but still flows well enough for the system to function. 

Thank you Joe. I don’t get to use the TIG too often, so any chance I get, I’ll whip something up. 
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Lot of the millwrights I worked with over the years are from Canada. Some of the best welders of aluminum and 318 ss. Have fun. GBA!!SVJ
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