Love these trailers, but outer walls dent so easily. Does anyone know how to pop them back into shape?
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Badger McAdams
It depends on the size and type of the dent. If it is a small circular dent (say the size of a quarter or smaller) I know some people will take dry ice and hold it on the dent. The temperature of the dry ice (-109F) will in some cases make the metal contract and pop back into place.

For larger circular dents, you might get a suction cup puller (a suction cup with a handle on it, or even an old style plunger) and put it on the dent and try pulling it that way. Don't Over Pull it, and you can cause the dent to become a bulge if you aren't careful.

They do make a dent puller that requires you to glue (with like superglue or some such) a puller stem to the center of the dent. then you take a puller tool, attach it to the stem and pull it that way. Again, using caution not to over pull it.

There are videos on YouTube showing how to pop dents out as well, some probably posted by people with more experience than I have. Take a look and see if there are any methods that meet your criteria.

As for Dents that have Creased the metal, those are a bit more complicated. They in many cases will require you to either be able to get behind the dent to hold a forming steel while you tap the other side with a hammer. If it is a case where you can pull the sheet metal off (in some cases easy, in others leave it to a professional) it would probably be better...but I would feel that if it is that in depth of a process, you should leave it to someone who does this for a living.

Just my two cents...
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