Brandon Sailor
I’d like to just share my experience. We’re in SC where the humidity is really high during the summer. That’s one reason we got rid of our popup and just went back to a tent for awhile. The popup started mildewing after 2 years. We  decided to go ahead and get a small dehumidifier for our retro. It’s a small fridgidaire model. I’ve been measuring the humidity for the last week, it’s been around 50%-65% with 3 little canisters of the dehumidifier media. Ran the dehumidifier last night for the first time and I was shocked how much water we pulled out. I’d guess between .5-1 gallon. Measured humidity is 30%-45% now. Not sure if it was required but I feel better about it.

My parents have a camper nearby and haven’t had any problems with mildew over the last several years, but we’ve never had anything this nice, and would like to take care of it. I’d buy it again, small investment when we paid mid teens for the camper.
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