anyone else having trouble with your decals coming off?
we have emailed 3 times to riverside RV and no one responds. I think they have very poor customer service. 
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During our walk around, the dealer's technician addressed this issue. He suggested that the decals were applied in cold weather (January 2018) and that as the trailer warmed up the glue might loosen. His advice was the warm the decals (I used a heat gun) and press them back in place after the adhesive has softened and spread. He also approved of my idea to wipe all the decals with 303 protectant which was designed to secure graphics on aircraft. We're just staring into summer heat in Arizona, so these measures will be tested more.

Some prefer to remove the decals as a preventative measure, but I' like to keep most of them if I can. I don't need all the warnings someone's overzealous lawyer said they had to stick onto the trailer, but the Retro stuff is art of what I wanted.
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I removed all the decals with a hair dryer - came right off with no shadow. Looks much more 'retro'  now.
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As for decals coming off on their own, I've not had that issue (but we've had our trailer less than a month).
Regarding removing stickers — I removed the "promo" stickers from the axle and keyed-lock vendors. The "Retro" stickers I kinda like (a subjective matter of preference). All the yellow and black ones don't add tot he look at all IMO — but some info is useful. Am thinking of taking phone pix, printing them out, and keeping in the trailer for ready reference. That way, I clean up the outside, and maintain a record anything I want to keep, too.
~ Linda & Bill
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Our 2013 decal are holding up great even in Nevada weather teens in winter and high 90's in summer . Maybe different supplier. I am planning on removing them all.Why should we advertise for them and almost never get a call back when you have a question./GBA!!SVJ
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