My husband and I really like the 177 and are ready to buy one but I have a disability that makes it difficult to get into the wet bath to use the toilet. I emailed Riverside to see if they could modify the threshold, making it lower so it was easier to step over; they replied they don't make custom changes. I'm wondering if any of you have made it easier to get into the wet bath, if you know of a business who customizes these trailers, or if anyone has a creative idea for lowering the threshold (it doesn't have to be flat, just not as high) ourselves. Thanks - so glad we found y'all. Johanna
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The problem is, the threshold is as high as it is because it has to be above the wall of the shower tub (which is also the top of the black water holding tank). It might be possible to lower it an inch or two only.
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Try going to a local auto body shop. They might be able to come up with some idea.
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