Wayne Hamilton
We have upgraded to a Retro 189R. We have a 2016 custom cover made by Adco. It was in use for about a year. It is in excellent condition. We paid around $500. We will be willing to sell it for $200. Photos are available. 06646F1D-6028-4909-856F-7113E1196DB6.jpeg  30FF5143-3C0D-4850-ABA7-BA0CDC5A9B85.jpeg  AEB11FF1-73F3-4058-A8CB-2272963499F5.jpeg  2AD6BED7-6129-4EC0-9B40-B9938B5E529C.jpeg  13F5744A-F80B-4DE6-A7C9-D808946B7777.jpeg  73B50B9B-39B1-4DAB-8A4E-61289EB454FE.jpeg 
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