In late May, we returned to a campground on the Crystal River near Marble, CO.   Crystal River for Web.JPG   We went for a hike to the ghost town of Crystal City, but the trail was blocked by snow.
Blocked trail.JPG I didn't look at a map (who needs a map? I've never been lost. Ever.) and had actually gone down the wrong trail for 2.5 miles before running into this snow field. Back to the starting point, and took the correct trail, which is 4 miles up to Crystal City. (I thought the river looked a little small on the first trail). Here's the river by the correct trail:
Crystal River for Web 2.JPG During the winter, an avalanche had wiped out the 4x4 road/trail to Crystal City.
P1020849.JPG We crossed over the avalanche field and made it to the ghost town. A great BBQ and craft beer place in Marble was waiting for us at the end of our 13 mile walk. A local somewhat feral cat with a Z-shaped tail stopped by for some BBQ. The staff calls her "Ziggy." 
Ziggy was a little slow getting out the way of a door when it slammed shut on her tail.   
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Great looking place to visit, will put that campsite on our to-do list.
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