Hi all, we are taking our 199FKP  out this coming weekend for the last camping trip of the year.
First year RV owner and my question is......it's going to be in the mid 20s for overnights, we will be full service camping using city water (I have not used my fresh water tank yet) I am concerned about the lo temps and freezing pipes or water heater.
Should I let cold water dripping in both sinks to keep it from freezing or am I over thinking this?

Thanks in advance
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Alabama Jim
Don, we have camped (in South Dakota) a week in 30 to 32 degrees at night with no problems at all.  The primary question is how long does it stay below freezing and what is the daytime high.  You can use your fresh water tank and you will not notice any issue.  If you use city water you can buy a heated coil to wrap around your fresh water hose.  I don't think it is necessary to let the water drip, but if you feel safe then go ahead.  The heater in your trailer will help keep things from freezing.  In short, you should be okay.  Just monitor things on a daily basis.
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