Pretty simple DIY project, takes maybe 10 minutes to complete.

Our Retro trailers have great refrigerators.  I always use mine on every trip and love that it runs on both Propane and shore power.  But I also bring a cheap "Coleman" cooler along with me on every trip.  It's great around the campsite for holding cold beverages so we don't need to keep going into the trailer, or on day trips kept in the SUV/Truck for lunch items and snacks.

Anyway, any cheap "Coleman" cooler has a weakness, the hinges.  They are typically plastic and will eventually tear apart.  And before that probably a few screws will tear out also.

This HOW-TO Tutorial covers how to replace the hinges.

STEP 1 -- The Situation

[cooler-hinge-001] Above is my "Coleman" cooler with the hinges torn off.  This happened on our last camping trip after several instances of the hinge screws coming out and being replaced with ever bigger ones.

STEP 2 -- Preparation

[cooler-hinge-002] First we need to secure the lid onto the cooler so we can attach the replacement hinges.  I was doing this solo so I used a couple bungee cords to affix the lid to the cooler firmly.

STEP 3 -- Tools Needed

[cooler-hinge-003] You'll need some replacement hinges, I got this pair of stainless steel ones with screws for about $10 on Amazon.com.  Plastic ones are $5 to $6, but the metal ones should last forever, at least long enough to be worth the extra $4?

You will also need a drill with a drill bit somewhat smaller diameter then the screws.  A screw drives (my screws were Philips type).  A sharpie marker.  The replacement hinges and screws. 

STEP 4 -- Mark the Holes

[cooler-hinge-005] Get a FRESH START.  With the Sharpie marker make new hole markings on the cooler using the hinge as a template.  We don't want to reuse the old holes, they have been reused too many times with progressively larger screws each time a screw popped out and was replaced with a larger one.

STEP 5 -- Drill and Screw

[cooler-hinge-006]Drill out the new holes.  Use the screwdriver to attach the new hinges.  DO NOT use a power screwdriver or drill/driver.  You want to hand tighten these to avoid stripping them out.

All done!
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are the hindges made for Coleman or generic. I have a 100 quart that needs hindges and have contacted Coleman but no reply. I checked out a new coleman metal chest at local Cabelas and almost $200 . wow  I never use Amazon how are they listed . GBA!!SVJ
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Yes, they are made specifically for a Coleman cooler and come from Coleman.  Just goto Amazon.com and type this text into the search box...

Coleman Cooler Stainless Steel Hinges and Screws

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I've replaced my plastic hinges twice (so far), maybe I'll get the metal ones next time.  Both are available on EBAY.
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