My brakes seem to "bump" a little when braking hard.  
Was going to take a look at the drum surface and maybe get them turned.

Pulled the tire and it seems that you've got to pull the bearing to get the drum off,
old school style, as opposed to new school where the lugs hold the drum on.

Don't have a service diagram but should be simple.  
Anybody done it?  Anything to watch out for?


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OK, cleaned and repacked the bearings this weekend and cleaned up the brakes and drums.  
Easy job and decided drums did not need to be turned, they look fine.

So, what I found out,
my 2014 155 came with "bearing buddy" caps on the wheel,
the ones with the little grease nipple (zerk) to fill the bearing. 
After disassembling, cleaning, etc., I decided not to use it; I repacked by hand.
This is because, from my eyeball assessment, if you over fill using the nipple, 
the excess grease might come out of the inner bearing seal and
end up in the drum and on the brake shoes.
There was grease on the inside of one of my brake housings,
it came out of that inner seal, 
and I think it might have been causing the bump I was feeling.
Cleaned up with brake cleaner no problem.  

Just passing it on for what it's worth.
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Thanks for the info Tom!
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