We have a 2017 199FKS with the factory installed air conditioner.  This air conditioner is loud, only has one fan speed and does not cool the front part of our unit without putting a fan(s) on the bed and blowing cold air forward.

Has anyone replaced their factory air conditioner with a better model that still works with the 30 amp electrical system.
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Ralph L Staub
2CEE81BB-DF9D-4CF6-B344-C138122F2918.jpegI got the upgraded AC unit with 2 fan speeds... Loud and louder. I can sleep through a train wreck, but my problem is your feet get cold in bed, and the living space up front stays too warm. My solution was to redirect 1/2 of the airflow around the intake vent and forward with 1/2" foam insulation. Much more even cooling now, and it helped with noise a bit as well. Not super designer, but you don't see it with the curtain closed.

BTW, this is a '17 199fks... Don't let those additional cabinets and the stereo on the left fool you, i had some custom stuff done. That's the stock closet on the right across from the bath.
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The problem of loud an ineffective AC systems seems to plague the entire RV industry. Even a $100k Airstream comes with the same loud Dometic AC units. There have been several threads on solving this issue, but nothing definitive. Ralph’s solution is the best I’ve seen!

We try to camp on mountain tops to avoid using the AC (or sleeping with earplugs)!
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