Of course, NOW, is the best time to shop on line and buy stuff for your trailer. Here in Kali, we normally would be on the road to our new favorite camping spot, OR firing up the grill in our old favorite. I can't get the locks off our front door tho.... I guess it's a GREAT TIME TO SHOP.
I have been doing some serious research on new WDHs. I have one, but am not really happy with the separate anti sway friction bar. After reading lots of opinions it seems to me an integrated wdh with anti sway is preferable. The way I read it, the separate friction bar will stop sway but not prevent it from happening, who knew? The integrated wdh/ anti sway systems come in a variety of styles, and costs. After sizing up my Retro 179 and my TV I decided to consider the Andersen, No sway, wdh. Expensive, yes but the price has remained pretty stable AND the company made some changes.  Improvements, . 
So at any rate I wanted one, but $539 + shipping, YIKES. I LOOKED AT USED ON Craig's list but wanted the warrantee,  even tho limited. So I keep searching for a good price and low and behold there is an authorized  dealer in Florida who sold me one for $467, out the door, no tax, no shipping and by camel it should arrive in 4 days. Of course I am still locked in and probably will be for the foreseeable future, course I can't see to fer'!!!!.
Now let's see what I can buy tomorrow?????
Happy hunting all , from the safety of you own abode.
Please buy Made in USA
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Good choice we have the Andersen WDH and anti sway with the chains. Great if you buy one use Make sure you have the same size ball.The ball assembly is not cheap I called them when we bought the hitch and priced the parts. Just the red UHMW#   bushing was almost $75.00.  They have one of the best warranty around.  Snow tonite and by week end low 70's GBA!!!SVJ Old Old Ajax mine Mohave Desert
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