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Automotive batteries can only be deep charged about 18 and start dying because the lead cells are to thin. They are made for alternator fast charging. Marine batteries have thicker lead cells but will only deep charge a few more times than a marine battery before they die. Two 6 volt batteries will last well over a year with daily deep charging. 
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Asking about generators - for 3000W version I am liking Firman:  
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Ralph L Staub
Gilberto wrote:
I Have a fridg that runs on 12 Volt Batteries< no shut off switch, I had to install on 
Looks like i need a generator any suggestions??

Or a Propane Fridge... cheaper, quieter, and less fuss to run a propane capable fridge when boondocking. Between Fridge and hot water, I can go a week on a single 20lb tank. As to a genny, if you don't need a bunch of 120VAC, you already have a 12VDC generator. Simply plug your trailer into the Tow Vehicle and let it run a while to charge the batteries. If 12V is all you need, it's a lot easier and quieter than hauling a generator.
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