Captn Sharpie
No, I am not talking about my wife's baby blues.  I noticed the decal on the road side of my 177 that stated I should be diligent about checking the lug nuts before each trip.  Having almost lost my trailer on my first trip via a very loose nut on my towing ball, I dutifully popped off a hub cap.  Only one nut needed a slight bit of torquing.  I tried to no avail to "pop" it back on with my fist.  Got out the rubber hammer.  One good whack - cap still not attached but now has a big dent.  It was then I noticed that sections of the perimeter of the cap were slightly misshapened, as if previous owner had suffered the same frustration.  Knocked the dent out a bit with same infamous mallet, then tried to hit it closer to the edge - just another dent, albeit closer to the edge.  Anyone else have the same problem?
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They fit tight. There are 3 nubs on the wheel which hold them on. Put the hubcap in place and turn it, you may be able to feel where it comes closest to fitting. Get it over 2 of the nubs, then whack it close to the edge at the 3rd.
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V & T
All 3 of ours got dented by Camping World. Amazon has a baby moon puller which helps when removing and prevents scratching the wheel hub. Mike is correct, only push on the edge to reinstall them.
Van & Terri
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Alabama Jim
They are hard to put on.  Our tire dealer showed me the technique.  He did it so simple.  After placing the bottom of the moon on the hub, he placed the open palm of his hand toward the bottom of the moon and in and upward swing it popped into place.  No dents, like did.
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Bought me a couple extras at and was fairly cheap. They will dent easy I just tap around the edge and seems to work ok.
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Can some one post the link to the Amazon baby moon hubcap puller?  I have looked around and I wanted to get the one that most have found the best. Thanks !!
Bob Merriman
2017 Retro 177SE 
2015 Ford F150 2.7L Ecoboost
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I use a BIG screw driver .Pry around every 2 inches then twist the tip to pop off moon cap. Works good for me. GBA!!SVJ 
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Lisa Foster Moss
Here's the one we bought. The hubs says it's what we needed.

Don & Lisa Moss
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An old brake adjuster tool will work well also.
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