My wife and I took our maiden voyage to Arches National Park. I had taken the 177SE out for a shakedown cruise by myself a few weeks ago to learn the systems-- we are new to camping. The Tacoma towed the trailer well through the Colorado Rockies along I-70-- no problem going through the Continental Divide or over Vail Pass.

Arches was a perfect spot to try out the trailer. Our campsite was isolated and quiet. Perfect weather, and we learned a few things about what to cook and what to leave behind.

No other Retros in the campground. We gave two impromptu tours- one at a gas station and the other at the site when a couple stopped on the road and started taking pictures of the Retro. Many thumbs up and compliments from other campers.

Snow and ice at home when we left.
72 and sunny when we set up in our snug spot. Nothing larger could fit comfortably at this site.
This site is surrounded on three sides by beautiful rock walls-- bet it is very hot in the summer.
Tough to beat a Utah sunset.

Can't wait to get out again soon.
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Very nice!  
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V & T
Thanks for sharing!
Van & Terri
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Brian & Kathy
Just Beautiful! We live in a snow belt in upstate New York, so found it interesting that you drove in a little bit of snow and ice. Perhaps we would be able to do a few hours in a light snow, head south, and escape winter for a bit, some winter! :-) Thanx for sharing.
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