I am looking for any suggestions as where to put a TV mount so it can be viewed while sitting at the dinette in a 177SE or possibly a mount that would allow the TV to swing 180 degrees to be viewed from the kitchen/dinette area.

We do have a cutting board that fits over our cooktop. I could leave the monitor attached to its stand and place it there, but my preference is to store it on the mount in the bedroom and move it to a wall mount in the kitchen area.

I have been eyeing this mount for price and features (easy to move TV and possibility to swing 180 degrees):

I am going to be using a 24 inch computer monitor instead of a TV, as most of our TV watching is from movies and shows converted from DVDs or downloaded from Netflix or PlayOn and stored as MP4s and fed to the monitor from our Ultra-book laptop. All of the downloading and converting will take place at home before we leave as I don't expect WiFi to have the bandwidth for much streaming or downloading. I also have a USB TV tuner card that can be used when over the air TV is available.

Thanks so much for any mounting ideas and/or other suggestions that you may have.

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IMHO... Do Not Trust The Factory TV Mount!!! That said, where ever you choose to mount your TV take the time to securely mount it. I cut about a 12" x 12" piece of plywood,
and used 16 short (3/4") fat wood screws (12 around the edges and 4 into the factory mount), and Gorilla glue on the back of the plywood. Put a piece of blue painters masking tape on the bottom edge so glue doesn't run down the wall. I originally used the factory mount and after a day of mountain driving found my TV on the floor, bracket and all. After 6,000 miles I always find my TV where I mounted it!

I ran into a guy with a mirror image of my 177se in Yellowstone who had fabricated an extension to his bracket to allow it to be viewed from the dinette. Seemed to work for him. I personally only watch a limited amount of TV on the road and do so from bed.
Good luck and remember... Don't trust the mounting plate!

2015 177 SE
1990 Chevy Suburban 5.7L
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Oh, believe me, I don't plan on trusting the mounting plate and I don't plan on driving with the TV in the mount. My plan on mounting is much the same as what you did.

To be honest, I don't watch much TV either. I more enjoy the challenge of the project. I need to travel with a monitor because I often work on the road. The mount seems like a good place to store the monitor.

I hadn't thought of rigging something to allow for the full 180 swing. I will have to consider that, although my visions of it are not very pretty.

Thanks so much for the reply.

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