Our main reason for buying the Retro Model 155 in June of 2013 was that it was a fully equipped travel trailer with a height slightly less than 7-ft and therefore would easily fit in our 8-ft clearance, 3 car garage at home. So even with the 3-inch lift kit that we installed 2 years ago, there is plenty of room. I always mention this clearance advantage to the Many lookie-lou's that we encounter on our travels. But the new lineup of "fully equipped" Riverside RV Retro Trailers are all over 8 feet tall, so we can no longer claim low height as an advantage to prospective buyers. As other members of this "club" have mentioned in their posts, we now own classics. Happy Trails! 

retro in garage.jpg 
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Alabama Jim
I am glad you got what is best for you and your family.  Have fun and post pictures of trips, we love to share in the fun of others.
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Wish I could fit my 181b in the garage! Of course, I would need to clean all the junk out first.....
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