We have had our 2017 177SE since last July and today we used our air conditioning for the first time (besides checking to see if it worked when we bought it). It works well but the front vent has an insert of some sort blocking any air flow, does anyone know why it’s there? There is no air going toward the front of the camper. Also, how do you take the grill off to clean the filter? I tried looking in the manual that came with our camper but it doesn’t say. Thanks so much for any help!
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What do you mean when you say, "the front vent has an insert of some sort blocking any air flow"?  Are you referring to the front of the AC unit or the front of the trailer?  I presume you intend the front of the trailer and that the vent closest to the kitchen area is blocked?  Is this correct?

I have a 2016 177SE with the side AC, so perhaps by 2017 they were already using the roof mounted AC?  Is yours a side-mount AC in the wall, or a roof mounted unit?
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I have the same thing on my 176S. The back is very cool, but the front is about 20 degrees warmer, or more! I just left the AZ desert where the temp reached 117F. The AC would not cool above 105F outside. This is saying, you just lie in bed under the AC in the back of the TT! No way to cool down. On a normal day, the AC does not send cool air to the front at all. I do not know why....I think it is the way it is made. So, it is difficult to cook and stay cool in the kitchen. 
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