We recently spent three days / two nights at Agua Piedra NFS campground in northern New Mexico. It is a lightly used rustic campground with small sites, no electricity, and restricted potable water taps -- perfect for small Retro campers. 

There were no other campers visible from our site. After dinner the first night we sat outside without any lights anywhere nearby and listened to two owls hoot at each other from opposite sides of the valley. After they quieted down, there were no other sounds except slight winds through the trees. We are such city folks that the silence was unsettling -- too bad I don't know any good creepy camp stories. Occasionally we heard a truck go by on the state road-- and a human made sound was oddly reassuring.

The second night was even quieter-- no owls or trucks, just variable light puffs of wind. What fun! This is why we got a camper.

We will definitely be going back  to this extraordinarily quiet place.

Rio Grande Gorge bridge NW of Taos:

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Thank you for sharing.  Beautiful pictures.   Sometimes it is nice for the peace and quiet but I know what you mean about being a bit to isolated!

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Alabama Jim
Nice photos, thank you for sharing
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Thanks. After the past few weeks at work, some isolation is in order. We are going to try dragging the trailer over the Rockies on Halloween to go to Canyonlands in Utah for a couple of day away from the cell phones.
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wow I love the picture of your retro amongst no others....
I hope you were packing !!!!  you never know
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