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I didn't  want to store dirty leveling blocks, and sewer hose fittings inside the trailer, so I put them in an extra battery box and kept it in the truck bed.  Then I decided there was room on the tongue next to the original battery box.  It wouldn't fit in the same channel as there wasn't enough width, so I built the channel up with 2 layers of 2" thick treated wood bolted to the battery angle iron.  Then I screwed two more angle irons on top, extending over the right side of the tongue.  Then clamped another treated 2x4 to the side of the tongue.  Screwed the angle iron to the 2x4.  So now I can fit a longer battery box (more space).  For now I have 7 pieces of trex I use under the jacks, and the sewer hose flush adapter, caps, and the orange sewer fitting.  Someday, if I need to use a larger battery, it will fit in the new box.  So here's a few photos.  It's a 177SE by the way.
BatteryBoxAddon_1.jpg  BatteryBoxAddon_2.jpg  BatteryBoxAddon_3.jpg 
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Another nice piece of work, TravelerGuy ... you a busy DIY'er!
~ Linda & Bill
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Alabama Jim
Very nice job, thank you for sharing.
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Just added mod 2 to the battery shelf.  I removed the two screws on the end, and installed 2 ea. 1/4-20 ss bolts and cut and drilled a piece of 1/2" thick polypropylene plastic.  So the plastic extends out another 8 inches or so.  The 3 holes on the end are for inserting a telescoping aluminum pole.  The top of the pole is supported by one of the window cover brackets.  If I need it, I can mount a wifi range extender on the top of the pole, and power it with +12 vdc from the battery.  Should hold up ok with the little range externder, but I don't think it would be strong enough to support a large flag in a stiff breeze, though.  Might be ok for my pink flamingo...
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I have had several travel trailers love the fact the 189R has a GRW of 7000 lbs.+, and 4 wheel brakes. So I add stuff.
I found a two-battery box, that will hold two 6V batteries and installed it as you did. I am now looking to put a carrier on the back for my generator. 
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