We are  happy with all the storage locations of our 177SE, including the front area, accessable from the outside door, and also from behind one side of the dinette seat.  TravelerGirl found that when seated inside, it was hard to reach down into the opening and reach all the way to the bottom.  We decided a shelf would make it more useful and easier to access.  So....   Here's the photo of some dimensions:


First thing was to make 3 wood supports out of inexpensive 1 x 4's (which are really 3/4" x 3 1/2")  Dimensions are on the photo, they are nailed together, then painted.

  Place them into the storage area. 

Then cut two pieces of heavy blue foam sheathing to the dimensions in the next photo and place them on top of the supports.  You'll have to move the center support to get the larger foam piece to fit.  If desired, fasten the lower ends of the legs with one small screw in each.

Fasten the 2 foam pieces down to the wood cross pieces with 8 ea., 2" drywall screws and  big washers.  If desired, cut another foam piece to 1 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 24", and squeeze it into place to block the upper space from the outside world when the hatch is open.

177SE-Storage-FrontHatch_5.jpg  Works great, and even adds insulation to the compartment.  Good place for office supplies and papers and ...


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I should have added that I used the foam board rather than plywood because I wanted it to be as light as possible, and I wanted the insulation from outside heat/cold and from outside noise.  This way I'm not worried that things on top of the shelf will freeze in winter.
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Good idea! I am storing my hoses, etc in that compartment and have not used the inside, dinette access much. I will have to see if my stuff will fit under the shelf . Thanks
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