Dear All,
Typically, I set up the trailer (155) with the AC side a bit lower than the rest of the trailer to facilitate AC condensation dripping free from the trailer.  It occurred to me that this might be the wrong thing to do if the folks at Riverside installed some sort of a drain to deal with the water when the trailer is level.

I am curious to hear about your thoughts and actions on the topic. 

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Tim S
I have looked under the AC from inside and out, and have never found a drain. On another thread in this forum, somebody mentioned that the design is simply to drain out the bottom of the vent cover, so your tilt should be appropriate. I have been waiting for some more humidity before I can get a good look at it again.
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V & T
Had our 177SE out this past weekend. We have a side mount AC. It drained out the lower side of the AC Unit down the side of the trailer.
Van & Terri
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Tim S
Hello All,
I should probably start this on a new thread, but here it is:
After 4 days and nights of uncomfortable heat and humidity, I can definitely report that my Retro 166 has a serious problem with the AC condensate draining inside the trailer (driver side) wall, and not out the vent as described elsewhere. I did notice some water at the upper refrigerator vent, which could not be from the frig, so I initially thought that was a good sign, however, when I popped that vent out, the water was running all down the inside of the frig space and the wood skin was wet. Then there was water dripping all around the wheel well. Some of that was coming down the outside from the frig and AC, but not all, and there was another spot back under the baggage door(166 has door on both sides) 
Okay, I knew I had a problem down that wall, but this morning when we were packing up to head home, I found water leaking from the wall under the shower door, and no, we have not used the shower or toilet at all, ever. So that tells me that all the wood in contact with the vinyl floor is compromised, and there may be a potential pool sloshing around under the shower floor and black water tank. 
So the good news is, the little 5000 BTU AC did an adequate job during high heat and humidity and no shade in the 166.
The bad news, obviously, is that I have to look into a potential mold and rot problem, in addition to finding a way to fix the problem of the AC condensate drainage.
I don't anticipate any help from Riverside or, unfortunately, my dealer.

Other than that, the trip was great. I'll do a separate post on that later.

But I wanted to get this out there for those of you observant folks who have already raised the question. Be aware of it, and look for the water where it should not be.


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