Just wondering who is still out camping and what issues they are running into. 

Traveling from state to state and issues of self quarantine...

Getting supplies for continued travel. 

Campgrounds not open. 

Sightseeing places not open. 


Please post your experiences for all to review and what month you traveled. 

Thanks and stay safe! 
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we started in June  in PA and at the beach on long ialand NY.  2 areas in upstate NY in August and next weekend another upstate camp ground. 
Some site seeing were closed but most were just at a smaller %.  We booked all of our trips last year (2019)  of course we could never know what was coming.  
Because we are self sufficient we were able to camp early on. Thankful for that.

While traveling most other campers kept their distance as the wanted to know more about our 195. And shared how happy  they were to just get out of their houses.

Things we did to prep was purchase akl out goods ahead of time. So there were not trips to the store. 
(We normally eat out one night to explore the near by towns and support the small business. Not this summer though) over all everyone out and about just really kept to themselves.

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Thanks for the updates and locations. 
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We had to scrap our trip to NC from ME earlier this spring. However, we have been out four times, all in ME. Campgrounds and state parks are open, tourist traps are hit and miss. We have one more trip to VT near the end of October to a hipcamp. Stay safe and healthy
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 In mid-June, I traveled from Florida to Lake Tahoe for the purpose of closing down a house I was selling out there. It wasn’t really a camping trip per se; rather, I just needed to get out there and thought it would be convenient for me and my dog to stay in my travel trailer along the way. I went via what I call the “northern“ route, basically heading from Florida north to I-80, and then west on I-80 to the Lake Tahoe area. I stayed mostly in  Walmart parking lots, and didn’t have any issues related to COVID-19. I did some shopping for supplies in several Walmarts, but otherwise only stopped for gas. I continued on from Lake Tahoe to Monterey, California, to visit some friends for a while, before returning to Florida in mid-July. For the return trip, I chose the “southern“ route, basically following I-10 all the way. On the way back, I stayed either in campgrounds or in Elks Lodges. Again, I wasn’t really on a camping trip; I was just driving back home. I was VERY heavily loaded, and really took it easy, so the trip took about seven days. All of the campgrounds and most of the Elks Lodges  I considered were available, although a couple of the Lodges were closed for indoor activities. I found one that was closed completely and I couldn’t stay there. I didn’t encounter any closed gas stations, nor did I experience any COVID-19 issues, including quarantines or other inconveniences. I did notice there were a couple of rest stops in various states that were closed, apparently due to COVID-19. But in summary, on a roughly 6000 mile trip through multiple different states, I didn’t experience any difficulties at all. And as I said, every campground I contacted was open and had space available (but I don’t recall trying to stay at any state campgrounds, which might’ve been more restrictive. I did talk to one state facility, which only offered dry camping, and it was open but I didn’t stay there.) Further, until I got to California, if I didn’t otherwise know, I wouldn’t think there was any COVID-19 issue at all. In all of the states I went through other than California, almost nobody was wearing a mask at that time and everything seemed to be business as usual. I think I remember one gas station sort of monitoring the people as they were coming in, but that’s about it. I can’t comment on the availability of any of the interesting sights or things to do, because that wasn’t the purpose of this particular trip. But as far as general travel, for me, I didn’t have any problems.
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